9/5/12 - Fake Gutta Percha Marbles on Ebay

Fake Gutta Percha Marble

Over the past 6 months or so, there have been a number of Ebay listings which feature marbles that are described as Gutta Percha. In some cases, these marbles have sold for over $100 each! The image to the left is one of these marbles that appeared on Ebay.


In fact, these marbles are modern handpainted ceramic marbles produced by a woman named Laura Berretti at Marbled Arts in Italy. Marbled Arts produces marbled paper to that is used on the inside covers of high end books. She has applied the technique to spheres and the company has been selling them as modern marbles. Unscrupulous sellers on Ebay have bought some of these and are passing them off as antique marbles. Beware.

Genuine Antique Gutta Percha/Paper Mache

Below is a handout produced by Pete at a couple of years ago, that shows how these marbles are made. was selling these marbles for a while, as contemporary marbles, but has discontinued selling them. My thanks to Pete for sharing this handout and giving permission for it to be reproduced here.