What is the Marble Collectors Society of America?



The Marble Collectors Society of America (MCSA) was founded in 1975. Its mission is to educate the public about marble collecting and promote the hobby of marble collecting. To fulfill this mission, the MCSA has had a number of accomplishments over the past 40 years:

  • In 1976, self-published a looseleaf binder of color images of identified marbles, which was distributed to each new member, and was the standard for marble identification for almost 20 years.
  • In 1980, self-published the MCSA Marble Price Guide.
  • Self-published the newsletter, Marble-Mania, for the past 40 years on an uninterrupted quarterly basis.
  • Produced the first videotape on marble-making, from a 1986 visit to Bob Dane’s studio.
  • Created the best-selling marble reference guide, Marbles: Identification and Price Guide, for Schiffer Publishing in 1995. The book, in its fifth edition now, is still the best-selling marble reference book twenty years later.
  • Created a number of additional books for Schiffer Publishing on the marble collecting.
  • Created a serious of slide shows on marble collecting, available to members on a loan basis.
  • Created several videotapes on marble collecting.
  • Created a traveling exhibit of marbles in sealed display cases available to museums and other non-profit organizations for exhibition.
  • Created several temporary exhibitions on marble collecting at various museums, including the Bruce Museum.
  • Donated a marble collection to the Corning Museum of Glass and a marble collection to the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Has amassed representative examples of marbles and related items for a permanent museum exhibited collection.
  • Beginning in the late 1970s, lobbied contemporary artists to sign their marbles so they could be identified in the future (prior to this, contemporary artists did not sign their marbles)
  • Has tirelessly lobbied the United States Postal Service for a marble-related stamp issue.


As we continue towards our 50-year anniversary, we have re-focused on the mission of the Marble Collectors Society of America. The MCSA will continue its mission of educating the public about the hobby of marble collecting and promoting marble collecting. Our goals over the next year are:

  • Continue quarterly publication of the newsletter Marble-Mania with current news and articles relevant to marble collecting.
  • The Marble Collectors Society of America has acquired www.MarbleCollecting.com and will continue to expand its online presence and content. In addition to the online reference guide, image galleries, how-to guides, polisher links and show calendar, we will expand the site to include an MCSA members-only section and move all membership activities online, upload the past 40 years of Marble-Mania, create of an online museum of marble ephemera, and offer identifications and appraisals.
  • The Marble Collectors Society of America has acquired MarbleCollecting on Facebook, to expand its social media presence. The MCSA will continue to post the Marble of the Day to Facebook.
  • Produce a series of online videos on marble collecting.
  • We will continue to work on upcoming books for Schiffer Publishing.
  • The Marble Collectors Society of America will take over the management of the Northeast Marble Meet, which has been held Columbus Day weekend for the past 35 years. The MCSA will also take over the Meet’s site, www.marblemeet.com.
  • Increase outreach to contemporary artists.
  • Continue negotiations with several museums for a permanent marble exhibit.
  • Continue to lobby the United States Postal Service for a marble-related stamp issue.