Marble Community

Many collectors enjoy interacting with others who share the same interest as themselves. Joining a club, going to a show, or chatting with other collectors: All vastly improve your knowledge of the hobby, and offer you innumerable opportunities to expand your collection and prune out the items you no longer want. This area offers a full spectrum of community related features. Newsletter

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Marble Collectors Society of America



The oldest marble club in the world. Get information here.

Marble Show Calendar



There is no better place to learn about marbles and to buy them. Nothing beats holding them in your hand and talking to passionate collectors. Here's a listing of all upcoming marble shows.

Marble Clubs


There are a number of clubs active around the country. Some even have monthly meetings! A listing of marble clubs.

Marble Tournaments




Think you can beat a teenager at a game of marbles? Marble tournaments around the world.

Marble Polishers




Have damaged marbles that you want polished up? These are the guys!

Other Marble Links



Other marble sites that you might find interesting.