The hobby of marble collecting can be a rewarding and enriching pastime. As with any other collectible, there is no substitute for knowledge of the subject. Marble identification and classification is a very subtle matter. The pages in this area can help you in learning about marbles and marble making. This area also contains information on how to play marbles.

Marble FAQ



Answers to the most frequently asked questions about marbles, marble history and marble collecting.

Marble Grading Guide


An online guide on how to identify condition problems in marbles, and how to apply a grade to a marble for condition. This section includes images, as well as video clips, to aid you in learning how to grade marbles. It also includes a short video on how to measure marbles.

Online Marble ID Guide



An online identification guide to hundreds of different types of marbles. This guide follows the categorization in Marbles: Identification and Price Guide.

Marble Packaging Gallery



An image gallery of marble packaging during the 20th Century. Arranged by marble company.

Uncatalogued Marble Gallery



An image gallery of additional examples of the marbles in the online gallery.

Reproduction Warnings


As with any collectible, as values have increased, fakes, fantasies and frauds have appeared. This guide tries to collect all of these in one place. Forewarned is forearmed.

Marble Games

How to play various marble games. Also includes a solution to the standard 33-hole solitaire game.