Need a Marble Identified?

As a service to the public, the Marble Collectors Society of America provides free marble identification.


You can text an image of the marble you want identified to 203-209-7076 or you can email images to


Please only send one marble at a time. What this means is send an image or images of the marble you want identified, wait for us to identify it, and then you can send another marble. Do not send multiple marbles at a time. You will not be able to match up our identification to the individual marble.


If you have a bunch of marbles and are looking for a general idea of what you have, you can send a group shot. We will give you an idea of the age and manufacturers of the marbles in the group shot.


Do not call me to ask me about identifying a marble. All I'm going to do is tell you to send an image. So, just send an image.


Please be aware that most marbles produced after 1932 have minimal value. Prior to 1932 the machinery allowed companies to produce tens of thousands of marbles per day. After that date, the machinery had improved to the point that each manufacturer could produce millions of marbles per day, and did that every single day for the past 90 years. The simple laws of supply and demand mean that the supply of marbles made after 1932 drives down the value.


Also we have found that well over 90% of the images we receive are for marbles made in either Mexico or China since the 1980s. These have next to no value and many styles can still be purchased at dollar stores.


When you send images, please make sure the marble is not blurry. We cannot identify blurry marbles. Because marbles are so small we often get images that are focused on the tablecloth behind the marble or your fingernail. Please look at your image before you send it.


This is a free service, but if you are happy with the service you receive we encourage you to donate to the Marble Collectors Society of America using the link below.