The Official Website of The

Marble Collectors Society of America



Whether you want to learn more about marbles and marble collecting, or are interested in marble playing and marble games, this site provides you with all the information you would ever want to know about marbles.

Marble Reference

Go to the Marble Reference section of this site to learn all about marbles and marble games. The Marble FAQ has basic information on the history of marbles and marble collecting. The Online Marble Guide and the Marble Gallery are based on my book, Marbles: Identification and Price Guide (5th edition, 2012, Schiffer Publishing) and features almost 400 images of various types of marbles, to help you with marble identfication. The Reproduction Warning section is a gallery of known reproductions. The Marble Games section shows you how to play a variety of marble games.

Marble Community

The Marble Community section of this site gives you information on how to interact with other marble collectors. You can sign up for a monthly email marble collecting newsletter. This area also has information on the Marble Collectors Society of America, the oldest marble club in the world. There is a Marble Show calendar, information on other marble clubs, a list of marble tournaments around the world, a list of marble polishers (people who repair damaged marbles), and links to other marble web sites that you might find interesting.

Marble Auctions


The Marble Auction section has a link to my auctions and store on Ebay, as well as information on how to have me sell your marbles for you. This section also contains a selection of catalogues from past auctions that I've held, including realized prices.

Marble Shop



The Marble Shop is where you can buy my books, and also find marbles that I don't have listed on Ebay.