Consignor Information


The commission rate is 15% of the bid-in price. Lower commission rates are available for larger consignments. We guarantee the lowest commission rate of any marble auctioneer. If your marbles are sold in CyberAuction, then you are also responsible for the PayPal fees (about 3%). If your marbles are sold on Ebay, then you are also responsible for the Ebay and Paypal fees incurred in auctioning your marbles.

We have auctioned tens of thousands of marbles over the past 25 years. Check the other auctioneers out, you'll find no one's been auctioning marbles longer than us, or is more reasonably priced.


Lots containing more than 5 marbles may be charged commission at twice the posted rate, at our discretion, if there is an excessive amount of time required to catalogue and image these lots. We will always discuss this with you before we catalogue the items.


We print consignor checks once a month, around the 5th day of the month. This covers the items sold in the prior calendar month. You can be paid via check or PayPal. Your choice, just let us know.


If an item has not been paid for by a bidder, then we usually pay you on it anyway, and take it into our inventory. The only exception to this is for a really expensive item. In that case, we may hold the payment on that item until the bidder has paid for it, or until we determine that the payment is uncollectible. In any event, we don't send the marbles out until we have payment. If an item is returned to us by a consignor, we will usually just pay them and take the item into our inventory, rather than charging you for the return. What this whole paragraph means is that when we sell something for you, it's sold, regardless of what happens between us and the bidder after the auction.


Please ship consignments, well packed, to Robert Block, PO Box 51, Trumbull CT 06611.


I will send e-mail upon receipt of the consignment (if you include an e-mail address in your package) telling you when I will auction them and approximately how many lots we will make from your consignment. You can also include a phone number and ask that I call you when your package arrives to me. Or you can always get me at 203-209-7076.


I’ll send you a link to the CyberAuction catalogue or the Ebay items, when the lots are posted.


We try to maintain a high level of quality in the auctions. If you ship us common or damaged marbles that we cannot include in the auctions, you are responsible for the cost of shipping them back to you. If in doubt, send an image by e-mail first. If in any doubt as to the identification of anything you are going to send us, send an image first. We are not responsible for you misidentifying marbles or misgrading condition. We are more than happy to tell you what you have and what it's worth, just send me some images.


Misrepresented repaired and reworked marbles are not accepted for auction. If you send us a marble that is repaired or reworked, and the bidder returns it, then you are still charged the commission, as well as the cost of shipping the marble to and from the bidder, and back to you.


Items are not shipped to winning bidders until payment is received and has cleared.


We exercise reasonable care in catalogue descriptions. Occasionally, we make an error. If a winning bidder returns an item to us due to our cataloguing error, we will credit the item back to your account and re-auction the item. You are not charged the commission on the original sale, only on the subsequent sale. We cover the cost of getting the item back from the winning bidder, you are not charged for that.


All images used in these auctions are the sole property of Block’s Marble Auctions. You grant Block’s Marble Auctions an irrevocable perpetual release to utilize said images in any manner we see fit.


Shipment of consignments to us indicates your acceptance of these terms.