Marble Auctions

Welcome to Block's Marble Auctions. We have been auctioning marbles since 1989, making us the oldest and longest run marble auctioneers in the world. Block's Marble Auctions has been a pioneer in the use of the internet to hold auctions. We were the first auctioneer to ever hold live online auctions (the CyberAuction series, first in AOL Chat Rooms, and later on the IRC).


While our initials auctions in 1989 were mail and phone absentee auctions, we soon moved to the online arena. Block's Marble Auctions has been continuously selling marbles online since 1993. No one has been selling marbles online longer than us.


We sell marbles through an online chat room auction called the Marble CyberAuction and on Ebay. Occasionally we hold a live auction. 


In this section you will find links to the Marble CyberAuctions, our current marbles for sale on Ebay, catalogues of selected past auctions, information on upcoming auctions, and consignment information.


If you are thinking of selling your marbles, consider our services. We are among the most reasonably priced on the internet.

Block's Marble CyberAuctions

A Marble CyberAuction is a live marble auction that occurs within a virtual room on the internet. It's like an auction in a chat room. The next Marble CyberAuction is on January 11, 2015 in our CyberAuction Chat Room.

Block's Marbles on Ebay



I have marbles available for sale on Ebay under userid bobblocksmarbles.

How to Consign

Do you have marbles that you want to sell? We've been auctioning marbles since 1989, longer than any other marble auctioneer.


If you have a single marble, or an entire collection, that you want to sell, contact me. My commission rates are the lowest of any marble auctioneer. Our long experience ensures that your marbles will be correctly described and graded, and will bring the best price.

Past Auction Catalogues



Catalogues and final results from prior auctions.